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A week in Tobago

My parents retired two years ago to their sailboat Aeeshah. They live full time on the boat now only returning back to Bermuda once a year. My kids have enjoyed the last two summers with them onboard exploring new places in the Caribbean. Last year it was St.Vincent and the Grenadines, this year they were...

Argentina Honeymoon!

If you follow along on Facebook you would have seen I got married last October. Things were pretty hectic after the wedding with Katie and I so we’d planned our honeymoon to start on January 1st. We wanted somewhere new to both of us, warm (not winter!) and something exciting but with still some luxury dotted...

Italy – Wine and Diamonds!

At the very end of October I had an opportunity for a quick getaway to somewhere in Europe! I had a free weekend with no weddings and my girlfriend Katie was in Germany for work so we were planning to meet in London then head off somewhere for 5 days, but where?? We quickly narrowed...

The Latest Bermuda Photo Tour

It’s been a while since I did up a Blog post on a photo tour, the last one was some time ago!. Tom contacted me some time ago when planning for his next trip to Bermuda, as a fairly frequent visitor he knows the island well but was really looking to visit specific locations that are a bit off the normal...