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Garden & Gun Magazine – Weekend in Bermuda

Garden & Gun Magazine was back in Bermuda this past November, I had previously worked with them before when featuring some exciting locals. For those that don’t know they are a magazine about the sporting culture, food, music, art, and travel of the Southern United States, a very influential and prestigious publication! This trip to Bermuda was quite special,...

Conde Nast Traveler Back in Bermuda with Jimmy Chin

My previous project with Conde Nast Traveler caused a big stir locally and internationally, the Royal Gazette reported on it and I blogged about it here. I had known there was a possibility of more shoots like this in the future but was pretty excited when it all started to unfold! As per last time, it was another project with the Bermuda Tourism Authority and Conde Nast Traveler but this time...

Conde Nast Traveler in Bermuda

Back in December I had an amazing opportunity to work on an exciting project for Conde Nast Traveler alongside the Bermuda Tourism Authority. The project revolved around the talented travel writer, fashion illustrator and Instagram extraordinaire Meagan Morrison. She was to travel here and be inspired while visiting some other artistically talented locals. The schedule...

Garden & Gun in Bermuda

A few weeks back I was asked to work with Garden & Gun Magazine, a well known and very well distributed (1.5M readers) Southern US magazine. They were working with the Bermuda Tourism Authority for this particular project, a paid promotional piece on the island. The idea of the project was to interview and capture some...