Hamilton Princess and Beach Club, Bermuda

Located in the City of Hamilton the Hamilton Princess has just seen an extensive makeover making it one of the nicest hotels on the island. It's a busy hotel with a city feel and is generally quite full year round as it's also popular with business travelers. They have 3 great restaurant options as well as a boutique shopping area and spa.


The main courtyard is immaculate and flanked by the hotel with views out into Hamilton Harbour. There's a lovely walkway with Bermuda architecture accents and a moongate, always popular for pictures! The large marina has walkways along the waters edge and it too is great for photos.


The Hamilton Princess also recently opened a beach club and while located a 15 minute drive away it offers a lot in the way of wedding options. It's completely private and removed from the surrounding area and features a sheltered beach on a large property with several outlooks and bluffs. The beach club property has at least 3 different options for a ceremony and the last couple of years have seen a large increase in popularity given the number of options available.


Indoor options at the Hamilton Princess are a cut above the rest with all of the ballrooms having been updated for a more elegant look so even if the weather doesn't cooperate you still have a solid backup plan.


Official Website - https://www.thehamiltonprincess.com

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