Exciting, rewarding, intense, and beautiful are just a few words that describe how I feel when I am behind the camera. These feelings bring me so much pleasure from photography; whether it’s a stunning local seascape scene or a beautiful wedding on the beach, it’s an addiction, continually striving for that perfect image.


With over 15 years of experience documenting countless weddings of every type, I've come to realize that wedding photography is unique to other photography genres; it's not just about the actual photos or final prints. Technical skills and artistic vision are very important but only a part of what a wedding photographer must be good at. The other part is having great personal skills, being able to work efficiently and politely, and managing large groups of people from ages 1 to 91. Making everyone feel that you are WITH them and instilling in them the confidence that everything is covered perfectly.


Bermuda's popularity for destination weddings means it's a busy market. To ensure complete dedication to each couple (as well as my sanity), bookings are carefully limited. From there, we work together to plan the day in complete detail to allow you the most time possible with your guests while at the same time capturing all of those must-have images and those small little details so easily forgotten.


Each season, I tighten my style, continuing to define what I like and shooting for a specific look. Clean, simple, and vibrant is how I want my images: a classic and timeless style. Bermuda lends itself well to this shooting style with its amazing range of colors and scenery. With an absolute emphasis on my clients, I work together with them from start to finish to help carry out their perfect day.


The Face of Wedding Photography - Bermudian Weddings Magazine


"Since 2006, local photographer Gavin Howarth has been capturing the moment when husbands and wives unite in wedded bliss. With almost 250 weddings under his belt, it’s safe to say the highly sought-after photographer is an expert in capturing the biggest day of his clients’ lives. “Experience and intuition play a huge role when working. The working knowledge of Bermuda, its infinitely changeable weather, and the many other aspects of a typical wedding day mean no two weddings are ever the same,” says Howarth. And it’s his unrivaled experience and his desire to seek out the most idyllic settings for his couples that make Howarth the best in his field."