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Elopements are becoming increasingly popular and Bermuda is perfectly situated and suited for a romantic getaway. With the island just an hour and a half from most East Coast cities you can jump on a plane in NYC in the morning and by 11am you're headed to the beach. There are some fantastic locations that lend themselves well to a a small and intimate ceremony, locations that would otherwise not work for larger numbers.


With minimal effort and many options available elopements are quickly becoming the choice of couples looking to get away and escape the stress and expense of a large wedding.

Elopement FAQ's

Can you help us plan an organize a custom Elopement Package?

Sure thing, there are countless options and locations available and I can easily give you some options based on your preference and timeline.

How many people is considered an Elopement?

Traditionally the Elopement is simply the bride and the groom. I allow for a maximum number of 6 people including the bride and groom before it is then considered a wedding and pricing / options change.

Can we visit more than one location for photos?

Absolutely. part of the appeal of the elopement is to enjoy the simplicity of the event and most couples want to make photography and important part. We can certainly visit more than one location and would build the time in for it.

How do we get our images once done?

I will send a download link for the full set of files, it’s super easy, fast and saves posting USB drives!

Do you edit every image?

Yes, every image is professionally colour corrected and balanced for a consistent look. All editing work is done in house for full control. The images on the Blog are exactly what you can expect, vibrant, sharp and contrasty images. Black and white treatment availble upon request.

Can we request privacy and ask no images will be published online?

Of course, I get one or two couples a year who ask for privacy and this is never a problem simply let me know and I can amend the agreement to reflect the request (there is no fee associated with this).

What payment types do you accept?

If you are a resident then a local bank transfer is the easiest but of course cash and cheque’s are always welcome. Credit cards are also no problem, Mastercard or Visa. PayPal is also an option. If you are overseas and would like to wire the funds contact me for the details.

Can we make our own prints from our wedding images?

You sure can, all wedding clients receive an image release granting them permission to make prints and use the images for personal use.


Elopement coverage is priced at $725 per hour which includes pre-event consultation and the full size images as well as an online gallery available within 2 weeks.


If you're looking for a simple, turnkey solution with everything you need then a basic package is available and would include:


- Marriage License and Certificate

- Minister

- Public Beach/Park Permit

- Pickup / Drop-off transport

- Bride Bouquet / Groom Boutonnière

- Signing table and chair

- Pre-event consultation and timeline

- 1 Hour of Photography with the full size images as well as an online gallery within 2 weeks


Other additional extras are available such as transportation, arranging of hair/makeup as well as additional hours of photography coverage, basically anything you need! If you would like pricing or more information for an elopement package then get in touch.




Just because you're having an elopement doesn't mean you can't have a stunning album to showcase it. If anything it's a bigger reason to have an album to show off your adventure to your friends and family back home.


Albums are fully customizable and start at 10x10 with 20 pages. They feature lay flat pages with a seamless gutter and the print quality is second to none!

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