The Album | All you need to know

As the saying goes “if a married couple could only salvage one item while fleeing their burning home, most would choose their wedding album.” That may be a bit dramatic but does make an important point, your wedding photos are priceless, they celebrate a time in your life where you’ve never been happier, never looked better and are sharing the most precious moments of your life with the people you love most.

Your wedding album should encompass all of these special moments and be the perfect summary of the day, it’s all that’s left when the cake’s gone and the dress packed away! All wedding albums are custom designed and hand made using the finest materials, intended to last for generations.


The wedding has come and gone, all of your beautiful wedding images are online, it’s album time, where do we begin? Below are the general steps we take to get your album designed, ordered and in your hands!

(While albums are not included in standard photography packages they are available to add on at any point before or after and are a great addition)


– Determine the size of the album – 10×10 | 12 x12 or custom. The base album is 10×10 and 30 pages but feel free to upgrade or let’s discuss a whole new size.

– Determine the number of spreads, are you willing to add more to include additional images? The more spreads the more images!

– Do you want to include your Engagement pics? Quotes, artwork, invitations etc? It’s all possible and be as creative as you want, with a custom design we start with a blank slate.

Generally speaking the base album of 15 spreads is great for a 4-5 hour wedding. Additional spreads are really great for larger weddings when trying to showcase a longer day.


The recommended approach is for me to select all of your images. This is beneficial in a few ways. It’s obviously easier for you, the client.

Selecting the images for the album to best represent the day and the flow is tricky. Other considerations are groupings and sequences which help by having them either all as portrait or landscape to get everything to be visually pleasing. The main issue, which is far more common is that it’s simply too time consuming and stressful to sort through hundreds of pictures to pull out the best set.

The choice is yours! Feel free to take control and select all of the images for your album or let me do it for you. In the past we’ve even done a bit of both with a client selecting their 20 or 30 favourites with me then filling in the gaps.


At this stage I have everything I need and will get started on the design, presenting you with a proof of the finished album. You’ll receive an email with a link to an online proofing site when complete. Full retouching is included in the album process so if you would like personal retouching or

additional treatment then this is the time to let me know.

Once you receive your proof you can then flip through all of the pages online, post comments for any changes and approve as needed. I try and limit any changes to a maximum of two rounds. If it’s love at first sight then great! If you want some changes then go ahead and submit them and I’ll get on it.

Once we have the album tweaked to perfection it’s onto the cover!


So the album is ready to go, now it’s time for more decisions. How do you want the cover and general appearance to look?

– Materials – swatches are available for all materials, fine leathers in various tones and fabrics

– Image – any image can be placed in any size, anywhere on the cover, or not, your choice

– Text – Two lines of text can be added, names, dates etc. A font and color choice is also needed.

Once we have this info decided then it’s off to print we go!

From here you can expect the album in 4-6 weeks. All albums are handmade so they do take time. The absolute best part of my job is delivering you your finished, stunning wedding album. Your first family heirloom and something that you can treasure for generations!


Parent / Companion albums are identical in layout to the original album but are produced in a more affordable format. Still beautiful they have a semi-gloss, semi-rigid page. A choice of cover materials and styles is available. Perfect for the parents or as an extra copy! An original design can be created for a unique book.