Unfinished Church, Bermuda

Unlike the other venues mentioned on this page, the Unfinished Church is a ceremony-only option. There are no other amenities present, but I thought it should be highlighted as one of the best options available locally for a Ceremony location.


Set on the outskirts and overlooking the old Town of St. George's, the Unfinished Church is just that - a partially built church that, in recent years, has become very popular with destination weddings. The property has so much charm and romantic appeal; it's unique as far as wedding venues available in Bermuda and likely anywhere else.

The UFC is perfect for large weddings, with seating for as many as 200 people, but it's also perfect for a simple elopement.


St. Peter's Church manages the UFC, inquiries, and bookings go through them.


Being a ceremony location only means relocating your friends and family to another venue for the reception. This does create some additional logistics, but it's nothing a minibus or two or three can't handle. Nearby is The Tempest restaurant which has worked well for some couples, Mid Ocean is also popular as a reception venue but really any other venue can also serve well as a reception option.

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