Cambridge Beaches, Bermuda

Located on the island's west end, Cambridge Beaches is a stunning, sprawling property set out on a large peninsula with calm water and beaches on either side. It's undoubtedly one of my favorite properties on the island and even my personal choice when looking for a staycation.


The property is dotted with individual cottages and clustered hotel rooms with views from every side. Depending on the size of the party, multiple ceremony locations are available; below is an overview of the different options.


- Long Bay Beach - their main beach, long and narrow with calm sheltered waters.


- Seaview Lawn - above Long Bay Beach, a large and flat lawn looking to over the bay and beach.


- Turtle Cove Beach - a small sheltered cove ideally suited for a small wedding or dinner party.


- Windswept Bluff - Set on a small cliff overlooking the west side of the property, it is perfect for a small group.


While the property's beaches are not the pink sand beaches on the Southshore, they do offer incredible views. The property's location in the West End means you get very dramatic sunsets, not something many resorts can offer!


One of the best parts of booking a wedding at Cambridge Beaches is that along with the property, you get Nadja (Events Manager) to help with the wedding plans and, on the day of, a huge plus to have on your team.


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