Intimate Family Wedding at Ledgelets Cottage Colony

It’s May 2020, the world has gone mad with a global pandemic and big, crazy weddings are all but a distant memory. But… Ashleigh and Max had picked a very special day – May 23rd and they were going to get married, no two ways about it. Not only was it to be their wedding day but 45 years ago that same day Ashleigh’s parents were married. While there certainly were some limitations on numbers it didn’t mean they couldn’t have a beautiful and intimate ceremony and instead of their 140 plus guests being there in person, they all tuned in on ZOOM!

Tucked away in a garden oasis in Sandy’s Parish is the amazing Ledgelets Cottage Colony, a small cluster of traditional Bermuda cottages that make you feel like you’re in a time machine from the hay day of Bermuda. As you move around the property you forget that there is bustling island all around. A truly magical wedding that just goes to show Bermuda Weddings really are the best!

Amazingly all pulled together by Emma at Memorable Moments along with Allie at Ledgelets who both worked so hard to make this happen for Ash & Max!