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2018 Bermuda Wedding Highlights

Another Bermuda Wedding season wrapped up and what a season it was! Last year was an incredibly busy year for weddings in Bermuda and for Bermuda in general. Tourism numbers were up along with wedding numbers. I know I say this at the end of every season but it was definitely the best year yet,...

2017 Wedding Highlights

Another year in the bag and another set of awesome weddings. As is the case every year, an incredible mix of places, people, emotions, weather, dance moves and pure joy! Wedding photography certainly isn’t easy but living in a beautiful place like Bermuda and being fortunate enough to work with great clients definitely helps. This...

2016 Wedding Highlights!

Here we go, the 2016 recap, revisiting so many of the amazing weddings I was honoured to attend. A little bit of everything in here, some beautiful moments, some really funny ones but most of all, happy people. I dove into 2016 with a slightly different plan, with a young daughter at home I dramatically pulled...

2015 Wedding Highlights

As is now a bit of a tradition at the end of the wedding season I’ve compiled a pretty massive set of highlights from the 2015 season. Trying to summarize it all down into one post is not an easy task, hence why we’re well into the New Year and you’re only just seeing this! You...