The Latest Bermuda Photo Tour

It’s been a while since I did up a Blog post on a photo tour, the last one was some time ago!. Tom contacted me some time ago when planning for his next trip to Bermuda, as a fairly frequent visitor he knows the island well but was really looking to visit specific locations that are a bit off the normal tourist map.

With that in mind I set about thinking of all my favourite locations in the West end! I picked him, Charles and both of their wives up from the ship in Dockyard and we were off. The first stop was the beautiful moongate at Cambridge Beaches, I also took that time to show them some of the quaint country lanes through the back roads of Somerset. From there it a brief stop at Fort Scaur, then a walk around at Whale Bay and the Battery on the hill. At that point we decided that it would be a final stop in the evening to catch the sunset.

Continuing Easterly we hit up some of the small coves along the South Shore and even had time for a brief visit to Grape Bay. As planned we headed back to the West to catch a great sunset with Whale Bay all to ourselves.

You can see some of the images that Tom was able to capture here

A great afternoon, thanks Tom!