Helen & Martin – my little cousin is getting married!

Helen is more like a sister to me than a cousin, while she lived in the the UK most of her life she spent many summers here in Bermuda when I was growing up. She was always around and into mischief like the rest of us! Summers spent camping, fishing, boating and snorkelling, it all seams like so long ago now…

I’ll be shooting her wedding this Easter Sunday at a lovely farm in Cambridge, England (haven’t figured out the family photos yet!). While down for a brief visit back in December I finally got her and Martin out for an engagement session. We honestly had no plan, Helen wasn’t fussed where we went so it was basically a drive around stopping where we wanted. A pretty cool way to spend an afternoon of shooting. Martin was a trooper and while there was some fussing here and there from him he stuck it out, what a good lad 😉

I’m so excited for her wedding, it’s been in the works for a while and I know everything will be perfect! – right Helen?